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Fernando Reis quebra recorde Pan Americano, mas não recebe medalha

 Fernando Reis posted a total of 428 kilograms, ahead of his nearest rival by 34kg, and broke the Pan American snatch record along the way.

However, none of it will count.
Instead the gold medal went to the home nation's Caine Wilkes, the American anthem was played, and Reis is left to ponder his next move in an unprecedented dispute with his own national federation President, Enrique Montero.
"I am ashamed of this situation, ashamed of Enrique Montero, ashamed for the sport, for Brazil," said Reis.
"It is all wrong and I have said so to the Executive Board of the Pan American Weightlifting Federation (PAWF).
"This was my victory, my medal tonight and I am going after him with all my resources to get it."
Reis will go to court for a second time if he is not named in Brazil's team for the World Championships, the biggest event on the calendar this year.
"Enrique Montero did not abide by the ruling of the court when I won my case before these Championships and hopefully the judge will order his arrest," said Reis, 27, who was fifth in the Rio Olympics in the over-105kg, the best performance by a Brazilian weightlifter.
"If he is arrested he would have to step down as President.
"If he stays there is no hope for the future, the sport is going to collapse in Brazil."
Reis is from São Paulo and his home state's weightlifting federation is also suing the national federation for "reckless management", a case that is ongoing.
Brazil's team is due to be announced within days, as the Pan American Championships was their only qualifying event for the World Championships, which start in Anaheim, California, in the last week of November.
Montero tried to stop Reis, 27, competing in Miami, which would have closed his path to the World Championships.
But the PAWF effectively overruled one of their own member federations by allowing Reis to compete here as an unofficial "extra" athlete and stipulating, in writing, that his results should count for World Championship qualification.
Montero and Reis have not had a good relationship since Montero first became President of the Brazilian Federation in 2013 - a role Montero’s father, David, held until 2008, when he was deposed by the Brazilian Olympic Committee for alleged misappropriation of public money.
Reis said Montero last spoke to him three days before the Olympic Games, hosted by Brazil last summer.
Caine Wilkes won in Miami as the Brazilian's results were unofficial ©USA Weightlifting
Caine Wilkes won in Miami as the Brazilian's results were unofficial ©USA Weightlifting
In Miami "he would not even make eye contact".
Soon after Rio 2016, Reis complained of corruption in the sport in a television interview for ESPN.
In January this year Reis, who studied in the US, moved to Miami to set up a weightlifting academy, and was unable to travel back for the Brazilian Championships in May as he is trying to get a green card.
After Montero declared the National Championships a qualifier for the Pan Americans, Reis explained his situation by email.
He provided an endorsed document to show he had far surpassed the qualifying standard in an American competition, and went to court when Montero did not select him.
The court in São Paulo ordered Montero to ensure Reis competed for Brazil in Miami.
Reis wrote to the continental and global governing bodies of the sport with details of the case, and Montero then requested an extra place - one over the team limit of eight - in Miami.
He was granted it but, despite having asked for a place for Reis, Montero refused to accept him as an official team member.
The PAWF asked him if he would rather nominate another athlete for "unofficial" status and upgrade Reis, but he did not.
The Brazilian who competed officially in the over-105kg, Mateus Machado, lifted 50kg less than Reis and came third. 
Fernando Salas of Ecuador was second.
The Reis case has been the talk of the week here in Miami, where there has been no sign of Montero since the first day of competition, despite Rosane dos Reis' victory in the 53kg and other good performances by Brazilians.
insidethegames sent a series of questions to Montero in English and Portuguese, but he has not answered emails, phone calls or text messages.
Reis received a message of support from a member of the International Olympic Committee Athletes' Commission after insidethegames first reported on the case earlier this week.
"I'm kinda bummed that Fernando Reis didn't count, but someone's got to win," said Wilkes.

Data: 01/08/2017

Fonte: Brian Oliver at Miccosukee Resort in Miami

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